Hello and Blessings to You,

I want to personally thank you for learning about River Bird Coffee. Community. Roasting.  I first became introduced to high quality coffee in the fall of 2005 when I moved to Brooklyn, New York to become a teacher.  From that very moment when I sipped a small Gorilla Coffee black Blendimetosis, I became intrigued with the explosion of taste, and wondered how it was possible for anyone to drink anything less delicious.  As I spent hours in coffee shops watching customer interactions and relationships develop, I began to imagine the power that this type of establishment has within a community; I wanted to be part of it.

When examined historically, coffee shops were central locations and meeting place for community members to discuss politics, explore the arts, socialize,  and build partnerships.   River Bird has been created to continue those simple practices, but also to be a place where teenagers to the centenarians can build relationships and memories, explore the local artistic talent, find ways to make the local community stronger, and discover the interconnectedness that we have with the rest of the world.  And, well of course you cannot forget about the great uniter of all this; the brilliance of great coffee.

For now,  River Bird Coffee. Community. Roasting., is operating as a roasting company, under the Texas Food Cottage Law (http://www.legis.state.tx.us/tlodocs/83R/billtext/html/HB00970F.htm). I intend to sell from my home, farmer’s market, a farm stand, municipal, county, or nonprofit fairs, festivals, and events.

River Bird is community coffee wholeheartedly and relies on the support from the local community.  It is my hope that River Bird will have it’s own location within the next year so that we have a base to complete our mission and support the local community.

If you have any further questions about River Bird Coffee. Community. Roasting. Please email Aaron at aaron@riverbirdcoffee.com or call 570-878-9232.

Love and Respect,

Aaron Packer

River Bird Coffee. Community. Roasting.

Symbolism of Our Logo

River: Rivers are the lifeblood of our Mother Earth, and are precious resources that cannot be taken for granted.  Through a river we can find strength, mystery, beauty, and a sense of amazement. As a child I always preferred to swim in rivers. There was a certain element of mythic and magic I felt in knowing that this water had traveled so far to get to its location. As such, it is River Bird’s environmental mission to support movements and organizations that support sustainable water management practices.

Bird: Birds have been around since the dinosaurs and have evolved in ways that allow us to share in many of the benefits of nature.  They are the great spreaders of seeds.  Because we know their importance, River Bird’s environmental mission also includes supporting coffee farmers in the advancement of understanding the important ecological role birds play in coffee farms.

Coffee:  Coffee is the second largest commodity traded in the world.   It is our goal to find the best coffees around the world and bring them to you and to support the connections between the farmer and the consumer.  It is our five year goal to be a 100% direct trade coffee buyer.

Community:  River Bird wants to be the catalyst for where communities are strengthened.  We are interdependent upon each other from the farmer all the way through the consumer.

Roasting:  Micro-roasting our coffee in small batches,  allows you to have a far superior coffee drinking experience, by delivering you the freshest bean possible.  If you would like to watch your coffee being created please contact us.